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Bryan Caplan - Schools as Daycare, Kill DEI in Colleges, Homeschooling

Podcast on The Case Against Education

I had an amazing conversation with Bryan Caplan. He is a Professor of Economics at George Mason University, and best-selling author of nine books, including The Case Against Education, which was the theme of this episode.

We discuss:

  • Schools as daycare

  • If college was more useful in the past

  • College is mostly signaling

  • Killing DEI and gender studies in colleges

  • How Hamas hit the prestige of American universities

  • How Bryan homeschooled his kids, and more!

Bryan is candid, smart, and funny. Timestamps below. Hope you enjoy the episode!

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0:00 Public vs. Private Schools

1:40 Teaching “Learning how to learn” is wishful thinking

8:08 McKinsey does not teach critical thinking

9:36 Schools are daycare

11:30 Was college more useful in the past?

15:00 College is filtering for employers

16:08 Why don’t colleges improve learning?

18:53 Bryan’s argument with Tyler Cowen if he was University President..

26:03 Would Bryan start a new University?

32:11 Hamas hit the prestige of top American Universities

36:13 Would companies adopt Tyler’s talent hiring approaches?

42:03 Crazy idea that could collapse Universities

45:29 Education funding is inefficient

51:20 How Bryan homeschooled his kids

57:59 Does parental influence matter?

59:42 Government is strangling the housing industry


Aastha Jain Simes
My writings on how the current education system is failing our children, how we should take children seriously, how children learn, and thoughts on what a good education system could look like.
Aastha Jain Simes